Botanical garden


Asked Google “best places to go in Brooklyn” and followed its suggestion. Should have googled “best places to go in Brooklyn IN WINTER” instead. Oh well, at least I got this shot 😀


Weekend 2: Play With Light


Glass Study setting for a water color painting.

Day 10: Mystery and Lighting Effects

spiritual center

Spiritual Center at Ramapo College


Day 09: Warmth and Quality of Light


Got to stop in the highway once in a while.

Day 08: Natural World & Leading Lines

20160320_210708 copy

Day 08: Natural World and Leading Lines

Day 06: Connect



That ocean wave, which brought water to the shore, soaked the sand and left the shells behind,  is the witness to the connection that i felt to this pier. I cant explain it well, and the wave is long gone, but the spark in the moment was real.

Day 06: Weekend Shot #2


Broadwalk in the dark, Atlantic City